Thursday, January 5, 2012

Flowers Please!

From the wedding of Sarah & Mark.  By the great photographer Annie Mulligan.  Flowers grown at Wollam Gardens and arranged by, well....yours truly.   

late summer's finest....dahlia, gomphrena, privet, seeded eucalyptus, eringeum, dianthus
She's a special one.  She smiles a lot, a great smile that makes you smile back.  
I met her here on the rainy day in the rows of Indian Summer. 

Rudbeckia Indian Summer

I believe the plan originally only included staying for a few months but just as the stars above this little flower farm have aligned for others, so too did they align for Sarah.  That story is hers but the day of the wedding it was ours to behold.

From the start I was under the impression that she was pleased with her flowers.  

flowers and glasses awaiting wine. 

the placement of the farm fresh egg.

look closely.
There was lots of laughter, lots of dancing, fantastic music, a bit of sloshy mud, and a roasted pig.  A large roasted pig.  Did I mention she's from Texas?

With the garden love gods looking on....we wish you a lifetime of kisses beside the amaranthus caudatus...or in literal latin translation, in front of the "unfading flower."


  1. I love Sarah. This is a beautiful post.

  2. What an amazing post! Such beautiful images and sentiments.

  3. Stunning. I am touched, touched. Love and miss you guys.

  4. If I had my wedding to do over, this is the sort I would want. Just gorgeous!


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