Friday, February 3, 2012

Ask The Flower Fanatics: A post answering your flower and garden questions.

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Question: What is the best plant to grow indoors (I live in a small apartment)....clincher, I DO NOT have a green thumb! ~ Cara in Phillie

Answer: (from Cammie)
Dear Cara,
Well, I had a few ideas...monstera plants are really nice, showy and easy. 
Monstera deliciosa
Palms and peace lilies (spathophilum) are about the same in terms of care.  
Finger Palm, Rhapis multifa

Peace Lily, spathiphyllum

All these plants pack a punch of green (and clean air!) into a room. Except for an occassional need to repot and fertilize they are low-maintenance and lovely.  BUT....than I remembered something I saw in a catalog over the holidays and just loved.  It may be small but the cute factor is off the charts.  Take a look at these.....

Shane Power Glass Pendants

Glass pendant with air plant
via West Elm 
The glass pendants are available at West Elm and the air plants are available at a variety of on-line sources.  One great place to find the air plants in great variety is the Philadelphia Flower Show which is coming up in just a few weeks.  Being from Phillie it would be a great show to check out!  I'll be there:)
Hope this helps and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Cammie, WOW!! These are great suggestions. I love the hanging glass pendants!! That is such a creative and decorative (and space saving) idea!! Also keen on the finger palms...will take a look this weekend and maybe pick myself up somethin'! Thank you so much :)

  2. So glad you like them! You could have a lot of fun with this. If you get the palm just be sure not to let it dry out. They like light and from time to time some good nutrients ( fertilizer) to keep it happy. Let me know what you choose and thanks again for writing!

  3. I have a "what can I plant here?" question. We have a deck with trellis attached. We planted fuscia colored morning glories on the trellis last year. I understand they will come back? What can I plant in front? It's probably 10" from the front of the mulch line to the trellis. It wraps around in an L-shape and is north facing. Partial sun. I'm open to buying plants but prefer things I can grow from seed (cheaper, more fun). We're zone 7 (north Alabama) and humid. Would love to hear your ideas!

    1. Also I have a photo of the area if you want it.

    2. Hi Carrie N!
      This is a great question and a fun challenge for us. Watch for your answer this Friday. A picture would be great if you want to send it along but we can take a stab at it either way.
      Thanks for writing,

    3. Hi Carrie N.,
      Just wanted to make sure you saw our post (actually there were two!) answering your question...Thanks again for writing!


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