Thursday, February 2, 2012

It Simply MUST Be Spring!

While diligently working away on my crafty Love Tree post yesterday there was a knock at the door.  In spring, summer and fall this place becomes like grand central with people coming and going, workers in the fields, tractors driving by and flowers blooming at lightning speed.  It is normal to get a knock on the door at the turn of spring...but in January and February, things are typically pretty quiet.

I got up to see who it was and opened the door to find this lovely picture..

How's that for a winter's day?  The lovely young woman is Kim, the farm manager and she is carrying the gift I look forward to receiving every March....the first flowering branch of Apricot.  The scent welcomed me as much as her smile.  It is so delicate, much like the sweetness of the apricot fruit.  Just right, not too strong and so perfectly feminine.  The blossoms as you can see are perfect pink but they also come in white.  
 The strange thing about this, is that I used to tell the time of year by the arrrival of the farm manager.  My dear friend Susan managed here for quite a few years but spent her winters up North.  Every spring she would return and I would know for certain that winter was coming to an end.
It's not that I don't want to see Kim, she is especially lovely (and a new Mommy!) and it brightened my day to have a little chat amongst the scent of the flowering apricot.  But whoa Nellie, it's February first!  Hold your horses little ladies or the frost will take you down!
During our visit we discussed our concerns for the tulips, of course we want to see them!  Who doesn't want to see a tulip!  But now?  Oh dear, our little friends will be annihilated if they come this early......that is, if winter ever comes.  I'm holding out hope that a cold front will come through before the tulips pop up and in the process take with it some of these darn stink bugs.  Who invited them anyway?

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  1. I love spring and I do not want to see any of the tender buds (like my pink dogwood) frozen but I NEED a snowstorm. A big one. So much snow that we can't leave the property for two or three days and have to wade through deep snow to wave down a plow. I need God or mother nature to intervene in my required commute and make our part of the earth quiet for just a few days. Then, tulips, forsythia, and more apricot buds can pop open as much as they want.

  2. I understand completely Joie! We all need it. But more so, the plants and those precious flowers need it. I've been writing about this all week and believe welcome as any flower is to my home any day....we need some cold and snow.

  3. I love those branches! SO pretty! Living in SD we don't have to worry about frost and I just got home from a trip to find some hydrangeas starting to get leaves, which is surprising even here in SD. I'm welcoming them with open arms though! I love them.

  4. Always welcome the flowers! Here we worry about a late arrival of winter freezing out all the blooms that were trying to get a head start....Glad you love the branches! They are so fantastically knotted I adore how they look wrapped and bare!


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