Friday, January 27, 2012

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Question: What is the best flower to grow in an area that is dry and shady? 
~Angela in Albuquerque

Answer: (from Farmer Bob)
Dear Angela,

How to translate ideas here in Jeffersonton, Virginia to Albuquerque, New Mexico?   Dry shade is a serious challenge anywhere so here is my opinion.  

My very favorite early season flowering perennial is Hellebores, commonly known as Christmas rose or Lenten rose.  They are starting to bloom for us now at the end of January, and they will keep blooming into April.  Since we are in zone 7, same as Albuquerque, you should be able to grow them.

If you can't find a local source of Hellebores or if you want to know more about them or want plants from a most enlightened and interesting Plantsman, than look up Barry Glick at Sunshine Gardens in Renick, West Virginia.  If you email him I'm sure he'll send you all kinds of information on how to grow them.  His hydrids are beautiful and are the highlight of our earliest perennial cut flowers.  

Happy Growing!
Farmer Bob

P.S. Here are a few great photos to make your mouth water....
Helleborus argutifolius

Helleborus orientalis

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  1. CCF I love your new blog.....would you like to do a 10 things list?

    No hurry, I have a pile up and I'll post one a week I think.

    Let me know

    xo Jane


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