Thursday, January 26, 2012

Crafty is for Dirt Dog's too.

Dirt Dog (the cuddly sweet blond kid I raise to amuse me), is crafty in a different way from his master creater sister, Lola.  Dirt Dog likes to build, and fashion the earth.  He's three.  Today as we arrived home he informed me that he wouldn't come inside right away.  "I have some work to do," he said.  "I have to put the pipes into the house I am building for Granny."  His Granny lives in South Africa and though she has come to visit, it isn't often enough for these two.  He decided to rectify the situation by offering to build her a house.  Over the holidays he diligently laid the foundation, today, he began work on the pipes.

When he isn't working on Granny's house, Dirt Dog is hard at work helping Saffie on his many projects.  The latest is a pathway to our house...hallelujah, we really need a path to our house.   I love this "back to nature" lifestyle but I also love cute shoes.


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