Sunday, January 29, 2012

Snow Love and Flowers

I've been waiting for a good snow in Virginia but so far only a few slushy inches.  Even my trip to the Alt Summit in Salt Lake City didn't produce the snow I was looking for.  All told, it's been a warm winter. I saw a daffodil in bloom today.  Something's amiss.

Normally at this time of year I am peaking into people's gardens looking for snowdrops, that mid winter connection of earth to bloom.  I did spy a small cluster tucked behind a rusted out mailbox, but I also spied a daffodil.  A bright golden yellow daffodil.  

Where is the snow?  We don't get the snow they get up north, but by this time we've usually slumbered under that quiet winter wrap at least once.  It hasn't come.  I'm dedicating this post to the word "SNOW" in hopes that paying it a little extra attention will bring it tumbling from the heavens and onto our hill.  We have sledding to do.

First off, the snowdrop.  You may find this bloom tucked away like I did or carpeted through a wooded lot.  In Virginia it is not uncommon to find them wild in their naturalized state and pushing up through the snow.  The three larger "petals" are not petals at all but tepals, the outer three much larger than the delicate inner series.  For some, the snowdrop may be worth only a quick glance but taking a moment to really see this winter bloom might awaken your senses not for spring, but rather for the unique beauty found only in winter.

Snowdrop, Galanthus nivalis

Next, the snowberry.  I have a deep love affair with these wintery white beauties which when you crack one open have the distinct look of crisp, glimmering white snow.  They are stunningly beautiful and a great asset to a cottage style garden.  In winter, when all the foliage has fallen off, these gorgeous berries hang on and feed a variety of birds.....pheasant, quail, grouse.....I wouldn't mind finding a few of those feathers in my woods.  Take a look.

Bright Fantasy™ Snowberry (Symphoricarpos 'Bokrabright)

The snowberry moved up on my love list when I discovered it fruited in step with the dahlia (on my top 100 list of favorite flowers...pretty close to the top).  A dahlia paired with snowberry is almost too much for the flower lover to take.  It's jaw-dropping.  Take a look at this wedding bouquet I made with pale pink dahlias and the snowberry...tinged with pink.  It's enough to make me think getting through the winter and into the warm flower growing days might be just as well after all.

Dahlia pink and white dinner plate, snowberry pink-tinged, esperanza roses.

If it hasn't snowed by wednesday my weekly crafting post may be how to make snow-glassess....stay tuned and thanks for stopping by!

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