Sunday, January 8, 2012

Finding Winter Part 2, Catkin Bunny Craft

After gathering hundreds of catkins from the tall pussy willow bushes on the farm, we spent an afternoon at play.   They do truly feel like bunny tails so little Lola's idea to make a bunny seemed appropriate.  We improvised a bit and it turned out adorable.  Let me know if you try one at home!

Step One: the materials....catkins! Hot glue gun. Tweezers. Felt. Sharpie paint pen. Miniature pom-poms. Small styrofoam balls.

Step Two: On felt, draw two bunny ears....
Step Three: Cut out the bunny ears.
Step Four: With a Sharpie Paint Pen color in the center of the ears.

Step Five: Turn over ear and hot glue catkins with a small perimeter of felt showing.

Finished ears back side.
Finished ears front side.

Step Six: Cover small styrofoam ball with catkins using hot glue gun and tweezers.  If working with a child have them pick up the catkins with the tweezers while you help position and apply glue.
Finished catkin ball.

Step Seven: Glue ears in place.
Step Eight: Cut whiskers out of felt and glue in place.  For eyes and nose, use miniature pom-poms (available at most craft stores).

A finished bunny.

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