Monday, January 16, 2012

Flowers and Fern Curls

As a flower lover I have long since found it curious that my favorite things to spot in the forest are green.  Ferns in particular draw me like nothing else.  I remember spending a summer in Vermont one year and discovering a fern forest unlike any I had ever seen.  In the center was an enormous boulder which I crawled up on and sat for hours enjoying the silent speech of sunlight and trees.

In my years as a wedding florist many events stand out but I love the images from this one shot in 2006, only two months after little Lola was born.  She was curled up in a snuggle pouch as I worked.

The standout fauna, a fern curl.  Otherwise known as a Uhule, or Dicranopteris linearis.  It is the new growth of a giant fern found in Hawaii.  I look forward to that walk someday......

Photo by SOTA dZINE.
Lady Slipper Orchids, Uhule fern, jade hypericum, leucadendron Camilla

Photo by SOTA dZINE.
Flowers: Honey hypericum, Uhule fern, dendrobium orchid tips 

Photo by SOTA dZINE. 

Photo by SOTA dZINE.
Bridesmaid flowers: White dendrobium orchids

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