Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Finding Winter: Waking up in the Greenhouse

I could hardly wait for our walk today.  The quiet, blue, flirtatious skies were begging us to get outside.  We raced through our chores, tugged on our muck boots and went off to find....what seems more and more like one of the last days of winter.  Of course, it is still winter, the groundhog did see his shadow  but like it or not, spring appears to be knocking on the front door.  
Just ask my friend the tulip....even in this bare state she is so beautiful.
I do worry it is early, but when it comes to spring blooming I worry about everything.  I am concerned about the cold, the heat, the rain, the sun, the Mayan prophesies.....

We tucked into the greenhouse to take a look around.  

 Tubers like trufula trees sandwiched between plant trays.
A sea of new stock inductees.
A dahlia screaming for food....

Back out side we wandered through one of the temporary hoophouses and Lola explored the rows of died off chili peppers.  

And then we found our jewel.  Peaking out of a crate was a tiny enclave of anemone....the watercolorists' dream.  Purple so pure it would make Alice Walker proud.  Fuchsia beaming with pride to be the brightest bloom for miles.  Nestled in green.  Beauty beholden.

Out here we lack the effect of knowing what time to go home by the illuminating of streetlights.  We could wander about searching for the jewels of winter for hours and on any given day, we have stayed out past dark.  We tuck in here, peak in through there and Lola is always gathering something.  But tonight, with only a few random branches, a pocketful of rocks, and a comparatively quick visit with Ole' Red, we headed home with spring bounding along behind us, hot on our heels.

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  1. say what you will, i'm ready for spring! love the flower pics!

  2. Phenomenal post, as usual! I smirked a little at the truffula trees, I have a weakness for Dr. Seuss! I must agree, winter's final hours seem to be some of the most endearing for me. I love the sparing and sporadic signs of spring ahead. Great pictures!


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