Sunday, February 12, 2012

The First Day

My first day working in a flower shop was one I'll never forget.  From the moment I first stepped into the massive design cooler I was awestruck by the bounty of colors, textures and style like I'd never imagined possible.  I stood there, my arms wrapped around a bucket of roses, my mouth open, my eyes as wide as gardenias.  It was beautiful.  In particular I recall arrangements of purple, blue, and green flowers....I knew none of the names than but I could see dimension.... texture to softness, mounded tiny blossoms next to large rounded blooms.  There were greens tucked in, meticulously textured berries and thistles snuggled right up to roses so softly perfect I dared not touch them.  I didn't know about this design.  I didn't know it could be that mystical and romantic.  I also didn't know that when a cooler door shuts you in, you can still get out.  I was so wrapped in the flowers that I hadn't noticed the door closing behind me.  I assumed, wrongly, that I was locked in.  Having never been inside my refrigerator at home (the closest to a cooler I had come) I didn't have any concept that perhaps just pushing would get me out.  So, I stood there, holding the rose bucket, gaping at the flowers, panicking only slightly for about fifteen minutes.  I actually felt at home somehow, "locked" in a cooler with hundreds of flowers I had only just met.
yum yum roses....not the real name btw.

When one of the lead designers finally came in she looked at me askew and asked what I was doing.  "I'm locked in," I said.  "Oh yeah, than we're both **#*%***," she said as the door closed behind her.  She casually grabbed some flowers (roses like buttery whipped cream), turned around, pushed the door open and walked out.   I watched it close, set down my own bucket on the shelf and walked out.

I like to think of that as my moment of reckoning.  How long was I willing to stand there?  How long is one willing to stay in the presence of something that awes them?  Considering I am a claustrophobic unable to even imagine myself in a tight space without getting heart palpitations, I think I proved something to myself that day....I was at the beginning of something brilliant, and it felt like coming home.

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