Friday, February 17, 2012

Flowers: The Details Are In.

Some weddings turn the corner of beautiful and head straight into jaw-dropping gorgeous.  Lauren & Bob's wedding encompassed all of it....the beauty of kind people; the beauty of perfect weather; the beauty of impeccable detail; the beauty of that intangible vibe of love.
I've never had it in me to envy someone else's wedding day.... we all celebrate the enactment of union in our own special way, our stories told as individuals not as a tribe following the rituals of a magazine.  That said, if I had to choose a wedding to hold up as perfect in its own design it would be this one.  Sarah (from my post Flowers Please!) and I loved and poured our hearts into every last minute detail and hope you will love it as much as we did.

The photos are all from the luminous photographer Lynne Brubaker... her website and blog are very worth a visit.
dahlia, tuberose, seeded eucalyptus, dianthus, jade hypericum, pg hydrangea...loosely bound with natural hemp rope.

The florist in me would like to say the flowers took center stage...but can we please take a moment to, LOVE THAT DRESS. 
 They had me at, "lots of color".....solidago, wax flower, celotia, dahlia, seeded eucalyptus, hydrangea, heaven.....
Our neighboring guinea fowl were so proud. 
Love for the Mama.

....and to the foodies out there I say, honestly, did they even need dinner?

The details were impeccable.  The bride's sense of style was everywhere and in everything...the dresses (the bridesmaids were stunning); the venue; the chairs for the ceremony;  all reflected her style and set the tone for a joyful celebration.  The Keswick in Charlottesville was an amazing backdrop and worth the trip in and of itself.  

A walk down an aisle punctuated by the scent of rosemary, a bit of wax flower, celotia, coxcomb, solidago and faces like summer skies.  Sometimes loving the details can mean losing sight of the big picture...I don't believe that was the case here.  The details were more like elaborate exclamation points at the end of a sentence saying, "Joy is everywhere!"  I felt it.

I wasn't around to watch them ride off into the sunset but I know they did.  I just hope she brought her bouquet, it so suited her. 

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  1. Your work makes me want to get married all over again! The guinea feathers are a great touch!


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