Monday, February 27, 2012

Glorious Weather = 25 Toddlers & A Tractor Ride

 The weather on Sunday was glorious with just a hint of cold.  Perfect weather for an influx of fifty guests all invited to celebrate the birthdays of two little boys turning 2 and 4.  Our friend and fellow blogger from Art. Fashion. Furniture. asked to hold the boys party here and we were thrilled except for the looming possibility of cold....but who are we kidding?  It's the "If Winter Don't" of 2012 and I can say for certain, "it don't" and it didn't.  The sun was shiny and the birds were chirpy...Hallelujah.

Lola and I were tasked with coming up with crafts for the kids in the event that it was too chilly for playing in the mud (the past-time for most of our young visitors).  We worked on a few ideas which rapidly became too "girlie" for a boys' birthday party.  Dirt Dog popped in from time to time and mentioned that we didn't need crafts because we have sooooo many tractors.  He had a point.
Still we devised a plan to make little glass "Seed Men" with moss hair and catkin noses.  We were pleased with them and set out supplies for our guests.
Thrilled with the idea of having a birthday at our house Lola kept watch for the first guest hours before they were due to arrive.

"Scoop" at the ready.
 The birthday boys arrived and headed straight for the mud.  No craft could call them away.  Toy tractors, dump trucks, cement mixers, graders and excavators worked in great unison as the adults mingled.  A few stray tots wandered into the studio, grabbed a bowl of popcorn and tried out making a Seed Man....

A handful of wildflower seeds
a round glass jar
sheet moss
pussy willow catkin
googly eyes
sparkly glue pen
hot glue gun.....

Completed Seed Man & Seed Woman....Lola improvised.  Go figure.

Soon it was time for the tractor ride.  Short on hay at this time of year the crowd climbed aboard and sat down (or stood), perhaps not so comfortably, around the wagon edge. Saffie steered them around the pond and up the hill where they proceeded to find stuffed animals hidden in the trees.  Dirt Dog was mighty protective of his favorite sea turtle but otherwise fun was had all around.

Upon return, the wild mob rumbled through the studio and back out the other side where they whacked a dinosaur pinata until it relented and spewed forth candy.  High on sugar it was time for a chorus of Happy Birthday.
The boys mom delivered dream cookies complete with John Deere tractors...Dirt Dog about fell off his seat.

MaryBeth of Art. Fashion. Furniture. delivering cookies made by Eizabeth Hoffmann.
As DD likes to say when he sees clear skies and his Daddy readying himself for an outing, "It looks like a "tractory" kind of day!"  It was indeed "tractory", not so flowery, and overall loads of fun.  Happy Birthday H & W and thank you for celebrating with us!

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