Thursday, March 29, 2012

If you know soil....A tribute to our friend.

If you know soil, you know hands that have worked it.  It is not knowledge you gain from a book or lecture.  It is knowledge gained from reaching your hands in and feeling the softness, the richness, the buoyancy conducive to life.

If you know soil, you know the patience inside it.  The steady hands planting tiny seeds, sometimes so small they appear an illusion.   

If you know soil, you know though the earth may be beautiful, the garden is a mastery of time, of trial, of sweat.  

If you know soil, I hope you know, the brilliance of a row of pole beans, a field of poppies, a hill of dahlias.  If you sew only one, you know that brilliance well.
Today, as the day was only beginning, I heard news of the passing of a friend.  This friend, Ruth, knew soil well.  On this farm, as far as you can see, are plants started by her loving hands.  She worked in the greenhouse sewing the tiniest seeds while listening to the radio and beaming brilliance into the earth....and into the world around her. 
As we spent our afternoon outdoors, the sun did not hesitate to warm us.  The flowers, did not hesitate to shine.  The day did not hesitate to vibrate the high tone of celebration.  Brilliance.  Brilliant. Her loving hands that sewed in this earth were everywhere.
When Lola was born, Ruth gave us a book about a little soul who goes to God and declares, "I know who I am!"
God says, "That's wonderful! Who are you?"
And the Little Soul shouted, "I'm the Light!"
I believe Ruth knew exactly who she was.  

Dearest Ruth, you were, and indeed still are, "the light." 
Goodbye Beautiful Ruth....we will continue to see you in flowers for all the years to come.



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  1. Cammie, so sorry for your loss. Beautifully written post and amazing pictures.


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