Tuesday, April 24, 2012

All Hail The Pee-uh-nee

Whichever camp you fall in (camp Pee-UH-nee or camp Pee-OH-nee) one thing is for certain, the glory of the peony flower should never be lost in translation.  Whether yours stand upright or flop over as soon as those immensely gorgeous heads fluff out with petals, you are likely to treasure them.  Everywhere I go these days I am seeing them in vases, or rather, whatever type of water-holding vessel people have on hand.  At the grocery store the most glorious stem stood in a Dasani water bottle....at the gym, it was in a plastic Coke cup....is Coke attempting a Peony Takeover?  

Whatever you may choose, the peony does the work for you.  With heads full of more petals than you can count (not ideal for a game of "he loves me") their color is both gentle and bold.  If you don't have any growing in your yard, stop by a farmer's market this weekend and buy as many as you can afford, just one will do the trick.  Place it in a vase next to your bed, in the morning move it to the kitchen table.  Without question you should be able to see it when you take a bath.
In Virginia, the season is beginning now.  The beautiful buds are reaching high and as soon as the head feels like a marshmallow, it is time to cut.  The brilliant red charms (pictured above) are the first to open so don't wait too long....beauty is fleeting.

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  1. Where I was born people call them "pineys". Whatever one calls peonies, they are just gorgeous and I love them. My grandparents had several bushes of pink and red ones--old variety.

  2. Oh Terri that is so funny! I think I may have to call them "pineys" for now on! Love it. The older varieties are so elegant with thicker stems that really stand up. Enjoy!


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