Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Side by Side "drops"

My cousin in Vermont used to collect the "drops" from the apple orchard and sell them.  The "drops" refers to the apples that have dropped from the tree.  They are often perfectly good, unblemished apples but as they have fallen to the ground most people out for a day of picking apples just leave them.  My cousin would pick them up, pop them in a bag and take his luck elsewhere.  Not a bad deal really.

Flowers of Wollam Gardens....but not the quality you are used to...
Here, the deal we have with the kids is if a flower is broken off or lying in the rows you can take it.  If not, no touching.  You can imagine keeping a five year old like Lola away from the vibrant blooms could present a problem from time to time so this rule keeps us all at a win-win.

Over Easter weekend Lola and I went looking for "drops" together to make a bouquet for Nana's table.  We found a few goodies and did side-by-side flower design.  Lola's skills will surpass mine any day now, if they haven't already.

For the big reveal we took the designs to Nana and let her choose where to place them.  No surprise Lola's won the coveted "center of the table" spot, but who knew how she would continue the design?  Nana had purchased a bunch of tulips and Lola promptly placed them in a collection of silver baby cups, displayed it all amongst green easter grass and popped in a few decorated eggs.  It was a scene fit for little bunnies.  Beautiful work Lola!
My flowers were relegated to the drink table.  My drop ranunculas died off anyway....we had to replace it with a tulip.  It wasn't meant for the greatness of the centerpiece.....really.  It's fine.

.....but the buttercup.  Now THAT should have been front and center.  The distant cousin of the ranunculas is one of my perennial favorites and proof that I come from a family of butter-loving folk.  It was a lovely Easter and continues to be a lovely spring.

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  1. Can we borrow Lola for Mothers Day?

    Actually this weekend, we're a little overbooked.

    She can do the bouquets!

    xo Jane

  2. She said she'll be there at 9:00. Can't confirm she won't be picking up all the bits and pieces that fly off your design table but it would be fun to see what she made out of them. I'll come too, love watching the pros in action!

  3. Lola reminds me of a certain beautiful young woman we both know! Loved this post.

  4. Is this a case of the apple doesn't fall far? :)


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