Sunday, April 1, 2012

A "Tractorie" Easter Basket

Crafty-time isn't exclusively girl-time in our house but as DD would typically prefer to spend his time "building Granny's house" in the dirt patches outside, Lola's love of fairies and all things pink tends to take over.  She designed her easter basket before we finished raiding the sale racks at Joann's and had detailed where every last bit of 50% off trim and felt bunny ears would be before the glue gun was fully heated.  DD on the other hand looked at the row of baskets, found a blue one and asked if they had any with tractors on them.  Of course they didn't.  I've never seen an easter basket with a tractor on it but for my boy, I wanted one.  And so our craft began.  

To make a "Tractorie Easter Basket" step one:

A basket with a wide weave is helpful in this craft.  
I used a pre-painted basket because they were on sale (a pre-easter-easter sale...go figure) but typically I would choose to paint my own.  
The felt was cut in a one and a half inch length and "fringed" on half of that (As pictured.)
I used hot glue to fasten it along the bottom rim.

The grass was hot glued all along the base of the basket. 
I cut out the pieces for the tractor: 
the body (in orange) 
two wheels (the back wheel is larger than the front....DD is VERY specific about this)
a little red steering wheel
a thin strip for the "roll-over bar" (again specifics)

 I hot glued the tractor pieces in place.  
You may notice the roll-over bar and steering wheel are now blue....."change-orders" from the tractor-maestro. 
 We added a "Scoop."  I believe this is technically called a "shovel."
 We added a wagon with an Easter Bunny in it.
 He actually loved it so much he yelped when he saw it.  
At the egg hunt, this basket served all collected eggs and it made DD happy.  He would have been happy anyway but this was kinda....super cool.  
Hope you try this with your tractor-loving boys at home!  

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  1. Love this!! and love adding "ie" to words to make them adjectives!!! What a great idea.


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