Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Finding Winter: Looking for The Temptress Poppy

It may not be spring yet, but we can't help looking.  Last night, before the sun went down, we set out on a quest for the Temptress Poppy.  In early spring, when the rest of the farm continues to lie dormant, the Temptress blooms in the hoop house.  Unyielding color; wild stem twists; a blush; a watercolor... the moment we say, "it's coming."

Of course, we knew the poppy's weren't ready yet but why not take a peek?  Farmer Bob took Little Lola and the Dirt Dog for a ride on the tractor, past the the tall curly willow, past the sleeping dahlia fields to the hoop house.  What did we find? Buds...waiting to pop (that's poppy-pop).

Spring, not the real spring, but the spring that says, "it's coming" around the corner, under the bedding fabric, insulated from the cold.

Never walk to a tractor ride...skip! run! walk on air!

The Hoop House, what lies beneath that fabric?
Young growers in training.
The Temptress Poppy, not long now.....


  1. Vividly green in mid winter! Who would have thunk it?

  2. Where can you find seed for temptress poppies???


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