Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fairy Found in Fake Flower

Last week I was given a fake pink flower.  A pink chrysanthemum on a long green stem.  Lola saw it and assumed it was for her.  A huge hug to my legs and an exuberant "Thank you Mommy!" sealed the deal and she happily took it home.  This the story of where the fake little chrysanthemum found itself within hours of entering our family.

The sound of scissors snipping and Lola singing (she sings all the time but particularly when crafting) alerted me....when this girl hits "craft-mode" there is no stopping her.  Rolls of tape can disappear into thin air, sheets of colorful paper long-since buried in the art drawer appear with renewed vigor and any bit of ribbon or colorful knick-knack is at the mercy of her fast fingers.  The girl keeps time with the pros.

Before long a fairy appeared.  A box top, cut and colored was transformed into the base for a glittery, giddy, curly-eye-lashed fairy who was now in need of hot-glue and a home in the fake chrysanthemum.  She could probably handle it but I draw the line at hot glue and five-year-olds so she lured me in to this part of the task.  
With a very specific set of directions Lola set me to work glueing the fairy into the flower.  I suggested propping it up so it would stand straighter and she smiled.  My suggestion was clearly off-base.

A few rounds of "Away in the Manger" later (she is still singing this from Christmas) and the fairy found its way to her bedroom.  She tucked it into the tiny hole where a finial is meant to go and set to work comforting her sea-otter.

The part that I love is how completely uninvolved I was.  Sure I wielded the hot glue, but only at her specific instruction.  Otherwise I just snapped a few photos and smiled to myself as her humming figure flitted about creating masterpieces and caring for sick otters.

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