Monday, February 20, 2012

If you like mud, you've come to the right place.

Outside my window are eight beautiful, almost-finished, raised garden beds lovingly built by my dear Saffie over the past year.    These were not made with wood from the shed (more posts concerning that old shed wood coming soon!) but from beams and a few railway trellis's.  For many nights Saffie stayed up until the wee hours designing the perfect boxes.  I believe there are at least four different versions of his design sketched out and detailed.  From start to finish he borrowed every chain saw in the greater rural area, begged the help of multiple friends and family (thank you!!) and worked before the sun came up and long after it had snuggled up to his folks on the other side of the world.  

On day one Saffie borrowed a Bobcat to dig the trenches....he started early and spent the day carefully following his plan, digging and moving dirt.  Dirt Dog was over the moon when the BobCat showed up and stayed on his Dad's lap the whole day as peaceful as a soul in meditation.   The love of mud and things that dig run deep in my boys.

DD napping.

With the BobCat having served its purpose, Saffie set in for many days of hard digging.  The rains came (of course) and Saffie just kept right on going.  One day, friends visiting from DC heard word that a tornado might blow through.  They left for home earlier than planned and that afternoon when the rains came perpendicular to the house Saffie plowed through as though the Robin's were singing the sweet song of spring.  (Note, Dirt Dog, Lola and I headed for the safety of the closet....but no tornado came.)  By evening Saffie was so covered in mud I could hardly find him in the midst of it.

As the days wore on Dirt Dog and Saffie worked tirelessly on the trenches, hauling wood and stacking beams.  Our house, already perilously close to the land of mulch, wood chips, soil piles and so forth...... became a highway of footsteps big and small.  My mop has never worked so hard.

 When at last the beams began to stack up and the beginning details of the grand scheme showed through I could see three things......

                   1. This would someday be beautiful.
                   2. Someday was a ways off.
                    3. I had a great veggie garden to plan......oh the joy!

Stop by soon for the next stage of the project and my list of what I hope to grow....hint, it starts with asparagus and strawberries....

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Ah, the Robins. Watch them scourge through and devour every Holly berry in sight. One minute a flurry and the next in silence, hiding momentarily from the preying hawk. Gotta love the symphony, crescendo and encore.


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