Monday, March 26, 2012

Ask The Flower Fanatics: Dahlias for dinner......

Question:  I saw dahlia bulbs at the grocery store today; dinner plate and another kind. Are they annuals or perennials? I was thinking of getting some for my yard. Thanks, Colin

Answer: (from Farmer Bob, grower of 10,000 dahlias!)

Dear Colin,
A dahlia is perennial bulb or tuber.  Where you live (anywhere in Zone 6 or below) will certainly loose their dahlias to a freeze in the winter so they must be dug and divided. 
When you do plant them (and by all means I hope you do!) follow these tips for best success:
Plant in full sun when there is no threat of frost. 

Plants 3-4 inches deep with eye of tuber facing upward – it should be looking at you!
When planting tubers beware of rotting beneath the soil. Water tubers once on the day they are planted.  Do not water again until shoots emerge (2-3 weeks).

For more information please visit our website:
KDCiMages took this photo of bouquets Cammie made a few years back....the Thalia Dahlia...always a favorite.

If more questions come up please let us know and be sure to choose some great colors!

Happy planting,
Farmer Bob

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