Friday, March 23, 2012

The Guinea Fowl Ate My Homework (and other Flowersome Tales)

As it turns out, living in the country means you can be late to school on a friday morning because you nearly ran over a flock of guinea fowl in the road.  As it turns out, after you drive past the newly renovated barn; the old schoolhouse that makes you drool with desire; the circa 1800 farmhouse where the owners have had honeybees stuck in the attic walls for the last four come across five guinea fowl just at the moment when you are thinking, "we actually made it out of the house on time this morning and wouldn't you look at DD, his hair is even combed....", but instead of being on time you are very, very late for kindergarten because no matter what you do you can't get the guinea fowl out of the road.  As it turns out, they are really cute and really friendly and when you whistle to them they waddle the most ridiculous little side-to-side bobble that makes you and your kids giggle harder than you've giggled all morning.  As it turns out, guinea fowl also like to pose and pluck up to get their pictures taken.  It also turns out they like to admire themselves in rays of sunlight.   
As it turns out I left a message for Saffie immediately after this episode saying, "we need guinea fowl in our life...please please please can we get one...or how about five?"  I haven't heard back yet but I'm thinking he's going to walk in with one any minute........

I think I'll name this one Poppy.

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