Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fishing for Solar Flare's

There is something in the air....a massive, spring-like flurry of daffodils and solar flares.  Typical stuff for early March.  According to National Georgraphic a solar flare burst from the sun this week and could produce some brighter than usual aurora's tonight.  I'll be on the lookout as we head north this evening en route to the Philadelphia Flower Show.  Hopefully we find our way as the GPS could also be affected by the solar flare and I think my ability to read a map was dismissed in the early 2000's as no longer necessary.  Great scenario,..... me, looking for auroras, Saffie asking, "can you find a map?  The GPS is kaput."  Not exactly cataclysmic but if I don't get to the Flower Show I will be mightily disappointed.  Priorities people.
Solar beautiful.  
I mean that more seriously perhaps than it initially comes across.  Priorities.  There are many websites and blogs out there rambling on and on about the negative effects of these solar flares on the mind and body.  I don't dismiss them.  I do however notice there seems to be an entire world of people who are quite simply, fixated on symptoms.  Aside from potentially missing out on the Phillie Flower Show I am riding the storm pretty well....thus far.  Check out this list of solar flare symptoms I found on the Carlini Institute website.......

head pressure
inability to think straight (wellllllll?)
losing words in mid-thought (what was I writing about again?)
ringing in the ears
new intuitive abilities (yes!)
stomach aches
loss of appetite
wanting to eat incessantly (chocolate cake for lunch anyone?)
heart palpitations
irregular heartbeats
heat sensations
cold sensations
dreams that are out of the ordinary (would wanting to plant the entire back hill with tea be out of the ordinary??)

Aurora.....think I'll see this on the way to Philie??
How are you doing with all this solar flare up?  My list of symptoms reads a bit differently and goes something like this:

insatiable energy
inspiration overload
feelings of deep gratitude
consistent waking at 2 am (during which time I unintentionally meditate on the positive flow of energy and pray it manifests in lives everywhere)
chronic eating of chocolate cake (not really, but if I WANT a symptom can I put it on my list?)

I know, life comes in balance and I surely hope the high I am riding on is not paired with others sorrow but I know it is out there and all around me.  I know it because I see it and feel it.  (I love the Tribal Times post today about a new volunteer group she is working with.)  The coupling of joy and sorrow is undeniably why joy has such beautiful, tangible leaps.  There are always two sides.

I don't want to sound like I see apple pie in the sky on a daily basis but while the sun was flaring and sending energy to produce heart palpitations and anxiety we have spent a couple days happily removing tree ivy, mud-fishing and other general early-spring nonsense.

mud-fishing during the solar flare.
The first intern of the season has arrived at Wollam Gardens and the fields are getting that early tender loving care that creates excitement all around.......AND I saw a hyacinth today (hyacinth is WAY UP THERE on my list of top 100 favorite flowers).
As long as I can find the flower show I will sit tight that I skirted the negativity of this last storm.  As we await the great sun ascenscion of 2012, I will brace myself for more.  So far, though the waves are unpredictable, they seem intent on delivering me to a horizon replete with joy.  I accept and will place my focus....there.

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