Saturday, March 10, 2012

Take one for the road.....

I like people.  I like quirkiness, quietness, gentleness, loudness, forwardness, inwardness..... When I have been asked if it is hard to work with "bride's" my response is always, "I'm a people person who happens to love flowers".  If I ever worked with a Bridezilla I quickly wiped it from my memory.....

When Sarah (from Flowers Please!)  worked with me she had a favorite couple she used to sell flowers to at the Dupont Circle Market.  They were faithful Wollam Gardens buyers and when they decided to marry they also decided on a wedding with all our flowers.  Sarah guided them through the seasons, the availability chart (the ever-changing chart!) and when they came to the farm I sat in while they explored ideas and soon they became one of my favorite couples too.

They chose lots of purples, late summer hydrangea, and for favors....a bucket filled to the brim with multi-colored zinnias.  They were fun, cheerful, and great to work with.

Cheers Andrea and Howard to long-lasting love and happiness!
Take one for the road.....Heather Z Photography.
Gomphrena, seeded eucalyptus, late fall pg hydrangea....Heather Z Photography.

dahlia, pg hydrangea, gomphrena, seeded eucalyptus...Heather Z Photography.  

Love, love, love.

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