Monday, March 12, 2012

Phillie Flower Show Part 1: Orchid-ly Overwhelmed

The Philadelphia Flower Show is always beautiful and this year was no different but in all honesty I think I have had enough orchids to last me through to my next Hawaiian Island getaway....when is that happening again?  I walked into the show ready as I always am, for anything.  The inspiration I find at this show is always immeasurable but this year, though there was beauty everywhere, the bit that really impressed me had no flowers at all.....I will write on that tomorrow but for now a peak at the floral highlights.
Through the doors of the entrance we were greeted with this:
The Hawaiian wave rolled above us with sharks, dolphins, stingrays and orchids streaming past us.  Between the waves were rows of white antherium and......wait for it......orchids.  At the base where the waves rolled in, more orchids.  It was lovely and very effective in a Disney World kind of way.  
From there we wandered into the world of the Goddess Pele with an enormous plastic-looking lava mountain (not picture worthy) surrounded by lava rock and a pretty cool pool of lava made with bright red, orange and pink carnations......

The Gods and Goddesses surrounded the lava field and provided my first love of the show.  The flower leis on these two were stunning....I loved the green succulents while Saffie thought he would be quite the charmer in the white.....what were those anyway?  The crowds were like swarms of bees and moved you forward without option to pause.  My apologies to the details.....The American Institute of Floral Designers did lovely work with their theme, "The Beautiful Dance...Song, Chant and Hula", particularly where the dancers came into play.  

Around the bend we encountered another love of show...only my photography skills failed me.  The display is not done justice here but was magnificent in live view.  Just imagine a field of glass, clear and un-adultered except for water and blue light.  A sea with waves of white orchids tumbling into blue.  Beautiful.  Two large displays told a similar story ending in a long bed of sand with the most delightful succulent (and orchid!) starfish.  I wanted to take one home.  There were also grand displays in between the oceans, lovely.

There were so many photo opportunities.  So many orchids. So many beautiful flowers, exotic headresses, lava mountains, orchids, arbors dripping with flowers, pineapples made of carnations and giant monstera leaves, and more orchids.  It was a whirlwind of color and opulence immersed in crowds of people thick with cameras.  Is it any wonder than that if you ask me which floral display I walked away loving the most I will answer with the image below....a study in simplicity by Alice Chung.  Peonies and pine so perfectly poised as though on a cliff wall, beckoning the honeybee.
To my eye, which constantly searches for the places of calm, this little gem was an oasis.

More tomorrow.....but this time no orchids.

Thanks for stopping by!

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