Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Phillie Flower Show Part 2: The Gardens = The Good Stuff

In a convention center overflowing with orchids I was overcome by the lettuce.  I love orchids, all kinds.  They are an amazing flower and as delicate as they appear they are an incredibly tolerant species.  I oooohh and aaaaah over them every time we share a space and I never tire of their remarkable details.  So why at The Flower Show, which brimmed with orchids, did I steer elsewhere?  Sometimes it seems, a good idea can be buried in even better intention.  It was ALL gorgeous but when you see more and more and more and more of a similar thing, one (at least THIS one) can't help but seek the change.  Kind of like a beautiful song played again and again.  Even if it moves you, even if it is your favorite song, you can't help but prefer the live version where they spice it up a bit with a different beat and a riff that takes you to heaven.
So,.....I gravitated to the lettuce (displayed by Meadowbrook Farm).
And the arbor of tomatoes.....
and the canning jars lining the windows.....
And lest I should forget.....the simple path running through it with the sprite of parsley growing like the vine that peaks through the concrete cracks.
This was enough for me to walk away happy but when I turned the corner I found these.....
The Seed Savers Exchange had every seed I have ever dreamed of planting.....let the good times begin.

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  1. I might have moved into that garden and refused to leave.

    xo Jane

  2. We stayed there a looooong time.....made friends, renewed our vows, sipped tea.


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