Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Onion Grass Beauty

As we all know it wasn't much of a winter.  A winter that felt like spring but with not a whole lot to show for it.  In my house this translated into a daily "gift" of onion grass bouquets from Lola and DD.  Not so long ago I pointed them out.  We knelt down to smell the oniony scent and admire the twists and curls of the green blades.  They really are quite pretty.
After our exploration, Lola and DD took it upon themselves to deliver me bouquets of onion grass.....every day.  I have received more onion grass bouquets in the last month than I have received junk mail in my mailbox....and I receive a LOT of junk mail.
The kids are always quite thrilled with themselves when they give me my gifts and while I love them all, this little bit of joy in a glass bottle took the cake....

The bottle was found in the wall of our house when we tore through during renovation.  The green glass turned rust colored from our water which turned every white shirt I ever owned the same color orange.  Lola put the ranunculas in the bottle with the snips of onion grass and left it for me in the sun.  Thank you Lola, I love you too.

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