Thursday, March 15, 2012

Part Two: The Inherited Shed/Barn: Laid to a lovely bed.

The saga of the Inherited Shed/Barn continued one cold, late-winter day when our dear old friend Sam happened by on his bulldozer....that kind of "happening by" just seems so normal after living out this way for awhile.  At that stage, we had done some good work making shelves for the kitchen and kids rooms, and a tv stand for our living room but the plans were now to make a bed and for that we needed the rest of the wood pried free.  Sam, the mighty bulldozer driver, jumped aboard and laid the shed to rest.
For DD, who was only one at the time, this was considered a day of bliss and we watched every move both from the back steps and through the screened window 
Down it came.  The old tin roof was repurposed for an awning on my flower studio and the wood moved into Saffie's hands where it was capably worked into my dream bed modeled after one I had coveted in the Sundance goes nothin'!
Saffie built the frame right in our room since it was much too big to move through a doorway.  The base, where the kids are sitting, was than covered with plywood and the mattress dropped inside.  There is no box spring.  
The boards from the shed/barn were sanded with Saffie's handy-dandy Hitachi Belt Sander (his favorite Christmas gift ever!), than scrubbed with a wire brush, and sealed with Minwax wood sealer.  
Each board took a couple days to finish but it was fun and we shared the load.  When they were finished they each had their own unique grain and quality.  So lovely! 

 And finally, we attached them to the bed frame.
I topped it off with the a Kantha quilt I had also coveted from Sundance catalog which without the cost of the bed, seemed like a steal....
Now, my little refuge is coming to fruition but what to do for a bedside table?  

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