Thursday, May 10, 2012

Stepping Out into the Bright Sunshine

Last week, before the rain came, the farm manager tilled the zinnia beds that run the length of my front yard and his.  This activity always makes me happy because I know in a few short months I will have a rainbow of colors and an assortment of butterflies bright enough to lift up the drabbest of days.  But until than.....there is work to be done and where there is a tractor there is my DD looking to join in.  On this particular day we arrived home AFTER the tilling had been completed.  DD was heartbroken.  He could see the freshly tilled beds and yet Scoop (the big orange tractor) was nowhere in sight.  It was almost the worst day of his life until Jim, the great farm manager saved it.
DD was given the job of running the drip tape.  Back and forth, up and down the rows he walked pulling the lines of tape that would ultimately be tied into the hose and water the plants.  It is a brilliantly efficient method of watering, reducing water to crop contact and therefore reducing the chance of disease.  It works exceptionally well for zinnias, dahlias and other flowers on the farm.

Jim is a hard worker and spends his days in the sun for tireless long hours.  On days like this one he can often be heard saying, "Nobody can have my job today!  Maybe yesterday when it was cold and rainy, but not today!"  He patiently sent DD back and forth until all the lines were laid.  DD, forty-five minutes into the job finally began to tire but he kept on.  The boy loves to get a job done.

 There's a swagger in his step.  Can you see it?  I do.  Everytime he has a chance to work, to get out and do something with the big kids, this little three-year-old walks like he's stepping out in the bright sunshine to the top of the world.  And to top that off, he DID get the job done.  Those flowers will be drinking pretty.

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